Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Behind the hierARCH

• Density

• Definition of space

• Restriction/Expansion

• Hierarchy

The hierARCH’s aim is to explore the idea of space and how particular regions of space become defined and influenced through the use of an implemented hierarchic system. To model this idea the use of the Voronoi diagram has been employed to illustrate various regions of space. It is a mathematical modelling system used to define regions of space through a series of generated points. This will give our structure a framework where these regions of space will be derived. The spaces are given volume through the fabrication of the structure where cells are formed through an extrusion of the framework.

The use of individual cells allows not only for the project to read on a smaller scale but they form windows of space that allow the viewer to look in or out through a particular defined space. The use of the hierarchy is dedicated through the material that makes up these cells which is polypropylene (pp). As cells become more clustered together the length of the cell can become longer as the length of the membrane walls are closer together allowing more structural integrity to maintain its form. The use of this hierarchy allows the regions to be read differently through their size which is illustrated in density. The more clustered or dense regions are given longer and narrow cells conveying an idea of restriction with a limited view. Whereas the less dense regions are more open and expansive with shorter cells to not only demonstrate openness but to provide access and windows for people to potentially move through.

The shearing of the cells extruded allows various views into the structure not quite revealing its entire form. Because of the cells surrounding the entire structure it is only upon entering the installation that the infrastructure is revealed to the viewer and the regions can be read collectively as a network.